We want to be put out of business. That sounds like a raw clickbait title, but really – we genuinely, whole-heartedly, want to be put out of business. Of course, we wouldn’t put any of this in the business plan and tell a business plan writing service to mention that in the business plan, but that’s the end goal. So – why are we in the business, of putting ourselves out of business?

Consider for a moment what we do. We use our automatic social media community builder to help new and small businesses build their following and find success on social media – without spending time on it. If we do our job well, our clients develop a loyal and engaged following, that buy their products and services on social media. This will automatically enable a business to use an enterprise POS system so that it will face no problems in the consolidation phase.

At this point, we know we’ll lose you as you invest in a social media team, and move on to bigger and better things. But, if we don’t do our job well, you’ll cancel your subscription and never reach that stage. Are you looking for vinyl cutting machine? In https://www.vinylcuttingmachineguide.com/ you can find the features of different model of machines, in that way you can take the smarter decision.

This presents us with a choice – either we’ll fail our users now, or we fail our users later. Isn’t that a particularly morbid reflection?

SoGrow target social media

Of course, we choose failing later. We choose failing later, because this means that we’ve brought you so much success on social media that we can’t sustain our own growth. That’s a shame, but what an exciting journey that we get to be part of. And we avoid failing now, by offering a free 30 day trial, and easy cancellation. So even if you decide we’re not right yet, it leaves the door open. Why even enter this line of business? Because it boils down to a simple question of what motivates you more – How much money you make, or how you make your money?

We want to give small business the tools to compete on social media with the biggest and best brands in the world. We want to help small business find a global voice. That excites us far more than $50mil in VC funding (that said, if anyone’s out there….). Our mission is to waken the world to the power of social media, no matter how small or niche your business is. And if we succeed in doing that, everyone will invest their days into effective and targeted social media work.

When that happens, we’re going to be out of work. But hey, changing the face of social media for small business, and helping thousands of fledgling enterprises compete with the best and brightest? That isn’t a bad obituary.

SoGrow – The Social Community Builder

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