SoGrow Reporting and Analysis

The Most Powerful Reporting Engine in Social Media

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Knowledge is Power

Our industry leading reporting enables you to understand your industry and competitors in more granular detail than ever before.

SoGrow’s reporting suite enables reporting on engagement, traffic distribution, keyword analysis, content performance and much more.

With SoGrow you can also assess internal user performance using metrics such as response time and messages handled. This allows top performers to be identified and rewarded, improving staff retention and morale.

Social Media Reporting and Analysis

Generate More Leads, Increase Revenue, and Scale Your Business

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Key Features


Accurate & Powerful Reporting

Use SoGrow to create tailored and highly granular reports, powered by industry leading artificial intelligence.

User Performance

Manage KPIs and targets with ease. Report and track performance on a user by user level, measuring everything from user response time to leads answered.

Assess Your Competitors

Keep an eye on the competition with SoGrow’s reporting. Never again be caught out by a social marketing campaign, lose impression share or web traffic.

Dedicated Reporting Support

Our dedicated support team will help you develop tailored and responsive reporting. Save time, gain knowledge, and benefit from unique insight on industry trends.

Artificial Intelligence

SoGrow is powered by an industry leading artificial intelligence unit, tailored to your unique business requirements. Generate and interpret key data with ease, enabling strategic decisions to be made with confidence.

Scheduled & Recurring Reports

Once you’ve identified the key information to you, set up recurring reports to keep you up to date and informed without any effort or time spend.

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