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Scale Your Lead Generation

Generating high quality leads is critical to increasing revenue and scaling your operation. The trouble is, finding targeted leads isn’t always so simple. And converting a lead into a customer is even tougher.

SoGrow helps you to profitably scale your lead generation operation. By capturing the attention of a lead when they are actively searching for a solution, you can drive highly targeted and ready to buy traffic to your website, and close deals live on social media.

The possibilities are near endless. For example, a London travel agent can use SoGrow to find Londoners who are searching for hotel recommendations!

Social Media Lead Generation

Generate More Leads, Increase Revenue, and Scale Your Business

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Key Features

Location Targeting

Cut through the noise on social media, and generate leads that are both in your niche, and in your area. Even if a prospect hasn’t volunteered location information, we can use other search methods to segment.

Remarket and Re-Engage

Didn’t convert the first time around? No problem! SoGrow lets your track and manage prospects, and re-engage with them at a later date. When they are ready to buy, you’ll be first to know.


Flexible Search

Our social lead generation engine enables users to find leads in any niche. As long as they’re talking about your subject, we can find them – from winemakers in Paris, to developers in San Francisco.

Measurable ROI

Struggled to quantify social media ROI? Not any more. Review your interactions with ease, calculate acquisition cost, and attribute sales to sources and agents.


Templated Responses

Know who you want to talk to, but not sure what to say? SoGrow allows for templates to be loaded in advance, allowing sales agents to respond quicker to opportunities.

Lead Management

SoGrow enables you to manage your leads in greater and more flexible detail. SoGrow helps sales teams work together by enabling notes to be created and stored against lead profiles, increasing acquisition potential.

Discover the SoGrow Lead Generator Today

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