In today’s business market it might be sometimes hard for small or medium business owners to keep up with all the social media. As one of the most effective, but still overlooked social selling platform is Twitter. People who have used Twitter to grow their personal brand, companies brand, know that it is very time-consuming. If you stop posting just for a month you will discover that you have lost half of your followers. So to keep up the growth you have to keep on posting, retweeting, liking and interacting with other people.

ai will build follower base brand for you Twitter Growth Hacking

When you are trying to grow your business it usually feels that there is just not enough time. One alternative is to hire a person who looks after the social media, there are tons of companies and freelancers out of there who are willing to do the job. Now it’s also available to delegate the hardest part of growing your brand to AI.  SoGrow has developed a Service that helps you to manage Twitter accounts almost with the same efficiency as the Social Media manager would do. Maybe even more efficiently, as the AI would work 24/7 and 365 days a year without getting sick, tired or complaining.

How can SoGrow’s AI help you to build your Brand on Twitter?

Building brand on twitter is easy, but it’s time-consuming. When we break it down on how to build your brand on twitter. It’s basically Finding out who’s your audience, Following people who are interested in you, Retweeting other people’s posts, Liking the content that is interesting for you and your followers, and welcoming new followers.

Targeting the right people

Targeting is the most important part of marketing on Twitter. It’s always better to have 100 customers who are crazy after your product than 20000 followers, who don’t care and won’t share. SoGrow will help you to find the right customer at the right time. It will do the heavy lifting for you as you. The only thing you need to answer is what are your clients interested in, what do they do and what do they talk about? Is it Science, Food, Clothing, Marketing, Ai will set off to find people who have similar interests.

Follow the right people

SoGrow helps you to Build your target audience based on your criteria. It will find the people who are relevant to your target audience. Thanks to following relevant people it will connect you with Potential customers, Industry influencers, Journalists and bloggers

Engage with your community

Engaging with your followers is very important for your brand on Twitter. The question is that why are you trying to get followers in the first place if you are not going to interact with them or share them your unique product. If you want to have a larger impact on your community it gets more time consuming to find something to retweet about or to like.

Generate leads by Sending a personalized message

As you get new followers it’s time-consuming to send everyone a welcome message. Let the SoGrow do it for you, maybe you have a great gift to share with them a coupon or an ebook