More marketers are finally starting to use amazing benefits of Twitter. There is definitely a right way to create a growth campaign on Twitter and there is a wrong way. The wrong way is if you only use it for promoting, without even engaging the users. The idea of social networking is building a community, where people can exchange value, get a solution to their problems, or feel special about themselves. Creating a successful brand on Twitter is simple, but it takes a lot of effort and hours by doing the repetitive tasks.


How to Growth Hack Twitter in 5 steps


The key to success on Twitter starts out by creating a growth strategy. For example, let us imagine there is a food supplement start-up that’s coming to the market with their new organic protein powder. They made a Twitter profile to increase their brand awareness and ultimately increase their sales on their website.


Few things to keep in mind while creating a growth strategy.

  • What’s your overall goal for Twitter?
  • Who’s your Audience?
  • What’s the audience interested in?
  • Who are your Idols, the people you look up to?
  • Who are your Competitors?
  • What’s your brand’s voice?

1.Who’s your audience?

Questions for figuring out your ideal audience

1.who’s your ideal customer?

If you are coming to the market with organic protein powder the ideal target market would be Athletes in the age of 24-55, male and woman.

2.What do you want your product/service to be known for?

Decide what value you want to convey to your community you are building. Sharing health tips on how to live longer, exercise right. What delicious recipes you can make from your shake.

3.What are the keywords about your industry?

For nutrition company, their general keywords would be Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Beauty.
The beauty of Sogrow is that you can go more in depth in creating your community. You can connect with even more relevant people by using more specific keywords: BodyBump trainer, Fitness Coach, Lifestyle Coach.

P.S! You can also choose negative keywords, so A.I can keep away from topics related to them. Besides choosing negative keywords, SoGrow will automatically avoid emotionally loaded topics, that might be harmful to your Twitter image.

2. Finding the right users to target on Twitter

Not all the Twitter followers are built equal. It’s easy to get misguided by the overall goal of getting 10k+ new users to your Twitter profile. But if none of those 10k people don’t convert you will start to ask another question. What went wrong?

SoGrow will build hyper- targeted community by looking the influence level of people and following them.

How will SoGrow target users?


Influencers are found by measuring the total potential Impressions that a user has generated, including the impressions generated by retweets.

For example, average Start-up has 2000 followers and tweets twice a day. In this case, they Reach 2000 people, although Impressions reach is 4000.
Now let’s imagine that one of this user’s tweet was Retweeted by Influencer, who has 500k followers, so one of her posts was also seen by “Start-up” followers.

Then, the total Exposure that start-up generated was 504,000 impressions. In essence, Exposure measures the total potential impact that a user has generated, beyond just their followers.

By setting up your Idols And Competitors, Sogrow will go out to find the right influencers on Twitter and build a community with among those people.  

3.Make your Twitter profile buzzworthy

SoGrow has started to find and follows influencers for you. The question is why should they follow you back?

In the first step when you chose your topics of interest and also what to avoid. They are necessary for giving a SoGrow an idea what topics are you or your community interested in. Next it will start to analyze all the posts your followers and people you follow. And after that, it will start to like or retweet them.


Another key element that many content creators have been looking forward to is automatic posting on Twitter. You can add the links of the blogs in the forms and it will take automatically stories from there and post it to your Twitter newsfeed.


Respond to your new followers while they are hot

Engaging with customers is essential for generating leads or just brand presence on social media. You can use SoGrow to send all of your followers thank you note at your specifically chosen time period


4.How fast do you want to grow?

This is what makes the Artificial Intelligence behind SoGrow a great working bee for every marketer.

Each user can take the pace they believe is best for them and their projects. SoGrow will immediate working habits of a human, as it will analyze its own interaction and pace them. The system is also limited by the maximum amount of actions per day, so it will be in the best interests for other users of Twitter and for the users of SoGrow.


“Using a SoGrow is like having a virtual assistant, who works 24/7, never gets sick or complains!

by our Early Adopter