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How does SoGrow work?

SoGrow finds and selects profiles that fit with your business. By searching and analysing the messages and profile information available on Twitter, SoGrow selects profiles that meet your needs, both influencers and potential customers (who can become sales leads). We also pick relevant content to build your profile through staying active on Twitter.

SoGrow will reach out to the people we pick  — perhaps following them, or liking (favoriting) a relevant tweet. Many people will then check your profile, and if they like it, they will follow you back (which means they’ll see some of your tweets, e.g. if you run a promotion on Twitter, plus you can now send them DM messages). If the person chooses to follow your profile, you can set SoGrow to automatically send a DM starting a conversation. However, if the person SoGrow selected does not follow you back, you can tell SoGrow to stop following them after a custom period of time.

All of this process is completely managed, based on smart highly automated workflows. Part of our strength is using an artificial intelligence system, developed by Dr Daniel Winterstein. Partly it’s very efficient workflows.

If you have supplied information about the websites, profiles and RSS feeds you follow, SoGrow will post relevant material from these sources on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on building the relationships SoGrow started. SoGrow is not a substitute for the individual, creative material that you write and the experience of building a relationship with someone; it takes on the boring work of trawling and clicking so you don’t have to.

How many Twitter profiles can I add to SoGrow?

If you would like to use SoGrow for more than one profile — great! — please contact and we will help set that up. Buying extra profiles through the web interface is likely to result in a slightly confusing setup. We are working on simplifying this though.

What are the benefits of being an early bird user?

As an early bird user you have access to all of SoGrow’s managed services, plus early access to our new developments. This means you will have enhanced settings, including 6,000 targeted follows a month – 400% extra than our mainstream users. If you’re new to social media, you can also contact our team of experts to help you kick start your social media marketing.

You will be the first to have access to automated reports based on your profile, so that you can analyse them and learn who your audience is and what they are saying. We will also be launching a new product, SoPlay, in the next few months. This Twitter jukebox will take your best tweets and post them throughout the day, every day. As a VIP SoGrow client you will get SoPlay completely free.

Is SoGrow free?

You can have a free 30 day trial. You’ll be asked for your credit card details, but if you cancel within the trial period then no charge is made. SoGrow currently costs £19 a month, and you can cancel any time. No hidden extras, no long contracts. However, this is a time limited offer — we’ll be keeping that base-price, but the extras included in the EarlyBird offer will soon become charged-for extras. If you sign up now, they remain free for life.

What if my marketing strategy changes?

What if my target audience changes, or if I want to change my social media strategy?

Don’t worry, you can edit and re-edit your SoGrow settings anytime. Just change and refine your search terms to focus in on who you want, when you want, and how you want – all without you spending any more time than the initial set-up.

What is the relationship between SoGrow and SoDash?

SoGrow is built by the SoDash team, and it builds on the SoDash engine. SoDash is a powerful full-featured platform for social-media management, with tools for marketing, customer-service, and reporting. By contrast, SoGrow is a focused and easy-to-use system for doing one thing well: building your social media community.

SoGrow is a stand-alone tool. It also fits within SoDash — if you wish to upgrade from SoGrow to SoDash, you can.

What is SoGrow Playlist?

The Playlist wants to change the way you use social media for your business. It’s a tool that not only schedules posts weeks in advance but also keeps and catalogues your posts and re-publishes them. You probably don’t have time to post new updates every week, so Playlist saves your posts and re-posts them over a certain amount of time for a new audience to see and share them. This way you recycle your posts and re-use them, it saves you time and keeps your social media active!

Of course, this is not suitable for all your social media. News, events, and conversation can’t be repeated. But a lot of good content can be repeated – favourite quotes, good photos, links to websites and tools.

You decide how often Playlist posts can be reposted. It can be twice in a month or every other week. You can also choose the best times for it to be published when you know your audience will read it. You no longer have to worry about your social media not being active, while you have other important things to do. After you choose the best time for posts to be scheduled those settings are saved, so you will never have to do it manually to get new people to see it!

1 First step: you choose how many times a week and how many times a day you post.

2. Then you fill up your Playlist with posts and they sort themselves according to the settings above.

3. You choose how often they should repost.

4. You go on with your life and they post and re-post themselves accordingly!

5. New people see the posts and follow you! That leads to more traffic to your website and more conversions.

6. When you have the time you can put in more posts, and they again schedule themselves accordingly!

Why choose the Playlist?

The playlist is here to save you time but also money, by rescheduling your posts it gives back you time to work on your business. It’s the lowest priced tool out there. You can share on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin (profiles or pages). You can mix personal and professional profiles with the same account. You can upload all Twitter pages or few different Facebook accounts. You can store many posts and have them scheduled at once.

You can also post picture updates!

You can see what the Playlist will be posting what and when by, and you can delete or skip updates.

Special offer: Sign up today for SoGrow, and as an early-bird customer you get the Playlist included for free.

You can also search our Documentation Wiki for more information.

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