Tired of your business being beaten by the 0.1%? So are we.

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You probably don’t know us. We don’t really know you. Yet what’s strange is, through social media, we can know almost all there is to know about each other in a matter of minutes – everything from where you went on holiday 3 years ago, to that time you spilled coffee on the office floor and put a photo of it on Instagram. That’s powerful information. Some of it’s pointless. Some of it’s scary. Above all, it’s valuable information. And that’s why it’s so important to have a system in place that’s capable of using and interpreting it in a way that makes sure you and your business survive way beyond the final rise of the robots.


Fortunately, you’re John Connor and we’re the T-800 (That’s The Terminator, in case you wondered – the friendly one, of course!). SoGrow is here from the future to protect you, boost the social profiles and create the best Web Design From TyMedia of small business to help them grow drastically. We live in a world where massive corporations and political figures will throw millions of pounds at targeting you, and knowing everything they possibly can – from when you’re most active on social media, the content you share, the websites you’re most likely to visit, the candidate you’ll vote for. Some of what they have access to, as well as how effective their predictor models are, would not only make your skin crawl – it would make you reach for the nearest tin foil hat. We’re proud to say that despite having access to the same tools, our company have never turned to the darker side of social media when working with high profile clients – and we aren’t going to.


According to the FSB, SMEs make up 99.9% of all private sector businesses, and SMEs employ 60% of all private sector employees. And yet, SMEs provide under half of all private sector turnover for the UK – 47%. Which means 53% of private sector turnover comes from 0.1% of business – and that’s not fair. It’s a statistic belonging of the old world, and we want to give small business the tools to reclaim a bigger share of the turnover through competing on social media.

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“Big data” is an odd phrase. It feels as though since 2008, it’s been the biggest buzzword in every circle, from finance to market research. It’s crept into politics, and businesses that can’t manage it are finding themselves struggling to last the pace. Small business must be given a chance to not only catch up, but grow beyond the struggling behemoths. We want to use our powers to help community enterprises compete with multi-billion pound corporations. We’ve seen the power of social media – and we’re determined to take it to the masses. But to do that, we need people to know who we are, and what we do. Which is why we ask you to let us help your small business by pressing our social media hands firmly on your side of the scale. Together, let’s get your brand the recognition it deserves.

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