Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation

Generate Highly Targeted Social Media Leads

Experience Real-Time Customer Acquisition


Define Your Customer

Based on your target market, we search the Twittersphere to generate leads who are actively looking for your services.


Engage and Convert

Interact with your leads on social media the very moment they need your products and services the most.

Increase Your Revenue

SoGrow’s social media lead generation software turns conversations into revenue, and creates genuine social ROI.

Tailored To Your Business

Location Targeting

Using profile data, SoGrow can generate targeted social media leads that are active in your geographic location.

Lead Tracking

Once you’ve found a lead, you can track and interact with their future content, building a sales funnel of qualified social media traffic.

Success in Seven Days

Using SoGrow, Sano Physiotherapy increased bookings, followers and engagement in just 7 days. This was achieved by targeting Twitter users in North East England who were experiencing pain in their knee, back, ankle or wrist.

Example of Social Media Lead Generation

Harness The Competition

Competitor Reporting

Use SoGrow to gain a detailed understanding of what your competitors are doing on social, and identify opportunities as they develop.

Capture Engagement

With SoGrow, you can automatically like, follow, retweet and share content from your competitor’s followers. Raise your profile without the hard work.

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